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Having been active for almost nineteen years now, the German, or rather European, music ensemble Sagittarius looks back upon an musical oeuvre that may be regarded as impressive. Though never having fully cast aside an insiders' tip reputation, three full-length albums (on Cold Spring Records, UK, and Renovatio Verlag, Germany) and several limited edition releases established the project as one of the main protagonists of the neoclassic genre.

The idea to form the music project which turned out to become Sagittarius evolved in the end of 1998. Back then project founder Cornelius Waldner felt the urge and need to work more intensively with classical music and soundscapes and to musically interpret traditional pieces of literature dear to him.

After two cassette releases in 1999 and 2002, Sagittarius's debut LP "Die Große Marina" saw the day of light in April 2003, being released by the German publishing house Renovatio Verlag in 300 copies on heavy white vinyl, clad into an elegant gatefold-package. It was a conceptual composition based on Ernst Jünger's novel "On The Marble Cliffs", but should not be understood as an attempt to put the entire book into music, instead, selected scenes and passages were picked out and inspired Sagittarius during the process of creation. Apart from six own compositions, the album also included musical pieces by Ion Manzatu, Simion Lefter and Ludwig van Beethoven.

The second full-length CD by Sagittarius, entitled "Songs From The Ivory Tower", was finally released by Cold Spring Records following a five year long creation process in May 2008. The opus contained 15 pieces of dark neoclassical music mainly based on poems by Stefan George, Bernhard von Uxkull-Gyllenband, Gottfried Benn, Ludwig Uhland and Timo Kölling, plus a number of instrumental pieces.

In August 2012, the project released its third full-length CD "The Kingdom Come" in August 2012. Even more influenced by the intellectual world of the German poet Stefan George, the new album contained 18 compositions standing in the tradition of the classic European art song, blending sophisticated neoclassical compositions with a touch of suicidal folk noir, and underlining the project's role as a sophisticated musical interpreter of traditional German and European word art.

Sagittarius is currently preparing two new releases. "Aithiopis", a six-track tone poem inspired by the lost third part of the ancient Trojan cycle, will be released in Autumn 2017.The band's fourth full-length album "Lieder von Traum und Tod" is scheduled for 2018.

Featuring founding member Cornelius Waldner and vocalist Herr Twiggs as core members, Sagittarius has over the years worked with a number of highly skilled musicians, including sG (Secrets of the Moon), Michael DE Victor (While Angels Watch), Josef K. (Von Thronstahl), Theresia W., Meister Ketu, Satoko the Cat, and most recently Thomas Bøjden (Die Weisse Rose) and Acherontas V.Priest (Acherontas, Shibalba).