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Short But Sweet: It's all about the band by TFG
 (Forever Slain Zine, October 2015)

What is the song you would like the readers to hear while reading this:
Sagittarius – An die Deutschen

Identify yourself/yourselves and the band/project in question:
Cornelius Waldner on behalf of Sagittarius at your service.

What's your band all about said in one sentence?
Emotions and obsessions transposed to musick.

How would you describe your music and your biggest influences and idols:

Sagittarius's music might best be described as a special form of Kunstlied (art song), blending sophisticated, yet minimal neoclassical compositions with a touch of Folk Noir. Among the post-industrial scene we have sometimes been compared to Current 93, especially their piano albums, and indeed Soft Black Stars is an album very dear to me. Idols in general are better knocked off their high horses, but of course there are both musical and literary releases that had and still have a high impact on me. The Nocturnes of Frederic Chopin, Jean Sibelius's fourth symphony, the albums of Necromantia, The Velvet Underground and Current 93, and regarding literature, without a doubt the works of Stefan George, Karl Wolfskehl, Uuno Kailas and Yukio Mishima. Herr Twiggs's main influences are Michael Giacchino, Pino Donaggio, Roque Baños and Georg Trakl.

Short history of the band/project (who/where/why):
Sagittarius was founded by myself in 1998. During that period of time I was an active part of the black metal scene, but felt the urge and need felt tto work more intensively with classical piano music, to create an artistic outlet through which I could express my interests and obsessions in a more adequate way, and at the same time to musically interpret traditional pieces of literature dear to me.
The core-members of Sagittarius are myself (piano, recorder, vocals) and Herr Twiggs (lead vocals), over the years we have worked with many other musicians, including sG (Secrets of the Moon), Dev (While Angels Watch), Josef K. (Von Thronstahl), Marcel P. (Miel Noir) and most recently Thomas Bøjden (Die Weisse Rose) and Stefania Domiziana (Cropcircle).

What lays in the future for you?
"Death is certain, life is not." (Dark Angel) I have stopped making too many plans for the future. We are working on new material though, which might end up in a new full-length album, and there are several options for a few exclusive gigs in 2016.

What would be your last words if you had to say them now?
Non omnis moriar multaque pars mei vitabit Libitinam. (Horaz)

Releases so far and soon to come:

Over the years we released three full-length albums, Die Grosse Marina (Renovatio Verlag, 2003), Songs From The Ivory Tower (Cold Spring, 2008) and The Kingdom Come (Cold Spring, 2012) as well as several limited minor releases, most notably the Fragmente series. As I already stated, I started to compose new material, possibly for a new full-length album, but it will still take a while until I can talk about details. In the meantime, Songs From The Ivory Tower and The Kingdom Come are still available from Cold Spring Records.

Links to your sites:

www.sagittarius.de (official homepage)
www.facebook.com/sagittariusofficial (Sagittarius @ Facebook)
www.sagittarius.bandcamp.com (Sagittarius @ Bandcamp)
www.coldspring.co.uk (Cold Spring Records)

Thank you for your time.
Thank you, and Ääreton Joulu!