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DIE GROSSE MARINA (LP 2003, Renovatio Verlag)

Sagittarius's debut album is a conceptual composition based on Ernst Jünger's novel "On The Marblecliffs". "Die Große Marina" is not an attempt to put the entire book into music, instead, selected scenes and passages were picked out and inspired Sagittarius during the process of creation.
Apart from six own compositions, the album also features musical pieces by Ion Manzatu, Simion Lefter and Ludwig van Beethoven.
Recorded and mixed by D. "Occult Overdose" Katzke (Trimorphes Zentrum Xul) at the Thelema Abbey-studio, "Die Große Marina" was published by Renovatio Verlag in March 2003 and is limited to 300 copies on heavy white vinyl.

I: Erio
II: Die große Marina
III: Des Frühjahrs narrende Zecher
IV: Campagna
V: Wenn der Spleen regierte
VI: Totentanz auf Köppelsbleek
VII: Sunmyra
VIII: Lieber einsam mit den Freien fallen
IX: Erio (Reprise)